The studio’s much-anticipated adventure is already breaking records and its success might lead to a major shift in Hollywood

There’s a strong wind blowing in from the mythical wilds of Wakanda.

With more than a month to go before Ryan Coogler’s hotly anticipated Black Panther solo film hits theaters, the box-office benchmarks are already getting reset. The upcoming superhero spectacle broke the first of what will in all likelihood be a great many records this week, when it outsold Captain America: Civil War to become Marvel’s most-preordered film in its first 24 hours of availability. Now, there’s an early shred of hard evidence for what could previously only be divined from the social media tea leaves: this could very well be the biggest release to date from the most lucrative movie factory currently cranking ’em out.

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Will Black Panther be Marvel’s biggest blockbuster yet?

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