Succeeding Donald Trump as US president would be an incredible climax to a true rags to riches life story that fostered her trademark compassion

Oprah Winfrey was four-and-a-half years old, maybe five, when she decided she wasn’t going to have the life expected of her. She was raised on a small Mississippi farm by her grandmother, whose highest hope for her granddaughter was that when she became someone’s domestic worker, she would be treated kindly by her employers. “I just hope you get some good white folks when you grow up, treat you right, treat you nice,” Winfrey said her grandmother told her.

This week, there has been fevered speculation that Winfrey might run for president of the US. And that she might win – one poll found 48% of US voters would choose Winfrey, with 38% voting for Trump.

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The Guardian
Oprah Winfrey: from poverty to America’s first black billionaire … to #Oprah2020?

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